March is francophone Month – Gala de la francophonie plurielle 2024 celebrates francophone culture

by Yvette Ashiri

Friday 15 March 2024

Yvette Ashiri, 3rd right, with friends at the gala

March is also an occasion to celebrate the richness of Francophone cultures around the world! I was delighted to attend the Gala de la Francophonie Plurielle 2024, an event that showcased the diversity and dynamism of our Francophone community.

From music to dance to poetry, the evening was a beautiful celebration of our language and shared heritage..

Thanks to all the organizers and participants for this gathering evening! Let’s continue to promote and cherish our French-speaking identity, and all the beauty it brings to our lives.


Yvette, left, with a friend
Yvette, right, with drummer Eric Sara, centre, and 2 unnamed friends