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Ghana Celebrates Independence 6 March 2023

By Joy Osiagwu

Ghana is a country in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea with a central area of forest and sandy beaches along the coast. Accra is the capital of the nation. Although the country is small in area (238,540 km and a total coastline of 539km) with a population of 32, 147,00 32, Ghana has been described widely as “One of the most stable countries in West Africa” since it transitioned to multiparty democracy in 1992. Economic analysts also recognize its leading role in the region due to its natural wealth and its strategic position as the first black African nation south of the Sahara to gain independence from colonial rule. The languages spoken areEnglish, Dagbanli, Dagaare, Dangme, Ewe, Frafra, Ga, Gonja, Twi, Nzewa, and Fante.

Ghana gained independence on March 6, 1957, 73 years after The Berlin Conference convened for the scramble for partition of Africa. The major political party of the new Ghana then was the Convention People’s Party (CPP), under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah who was also the first prime minister. He was however overthrown in a military coup while on a state visit to China in 1966.

H.E. Kwame Nkrumah, the first prime minister of Ghana during a State visit to the US.(photo credit: BBC)

Ghana experienced a significant political game change with the referendum in April 1992 which re-established a constitutional government, and Rawlings, running as a civilian, won the presidency in multiparty elections in November. 

Current Governance Structure

Ghana operates a constitutional presidential democratic republic comprising national and local tiers of government. The president is the head of state and head of government. The legislative power is bestowed on the government and parliament, while the judiciary is autonomous of the executive and legislature.

H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, president of Ghana. (Photo credit: Graphic news plus)

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is the president of Ghana. He assumed office on January 7, 2017. He won his second term election in 2020.

Trending News in Ghana

A cargo of Russian oil arrived in Ghana for storage tanks in the country. Economic analysts believe the development could be a result of a search for new buyers in the market. The European Union had stopped seaborne imports from Russia since December 2022. Ghana web news reports that the tanker Theseus arrived in Ghana’s terminal waters on Friday, February 24, 2023.

photo credit: Ghanawebnews

Ghanaian Community in Ottawa.

The Ghanaian Association of Ottawa (GAO) is a non-profit organization in the capital region with a vibrant membership. The association is a strong component of the African community in Ottawa. The executives and members team up to promote the rich cultural heritage of Ghana while supporting the needs of Ghanaians in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

The association’s mandate includes:

  • Organizing social activities for members.
  • Initiating and undertaking programs and activities of interest to the Youth.
  • Promoting a positive image of Ghanaians in the Ottawa-Gatineau community.
  • Helping and supporting, where possible, members of the Association in times of emergency.
  • Cooperating with other Ghanaian organizations in supporting developmental projects in Ghana.

Membership to the association is open to anyone residing in the National Capital Region, but only members who are of Ghanaian descent can hold elected office.

The GAO enjoys a cordial relationship with the High Commission in Canada. Black Ottawa Scene covers the activities of the association regularly.

Ambassador and Mrs. J. Ayikoi Otoo hosted the Independence day ceremony in 2020.

The High Commissioner of Ghana to Canada, at the time,  His Excellency, J. Ayikoi Otoo, and Mrs. Patrica Hanson Mettle hosted a reception in honor of 100 guests at the Chateau Laurie in Ottawa to commemorate the 63rd Independence anniversary of Ghana in 2020. Black Ottawa Scene covered the ceremony.

GAO is also famous for organizing exciting community events, especially in the summer to unite the African community in Ottawa. GhanaFest is one such activity. Black Ottawa Scene covered a memorable episode in July 2017 at Brewer Park, off Bronson Road with amazing highlife and funk music with a taste of Ghanaian delicacies.

A cross-section of guests and community members at the event. (Photo credit: Black Ottawa Scene)

Ghana’s Black stars of Ottawa

The climax of the outing was the resumption of the soccer rivalry between the host nation’s Black Stars and Nigeria’s Super Eagles. The Association will be celebrating the nation’s 66th independence anniversary on March 11, 2023.


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