by Olivia Barrett, Editorial Associate

Sunday 7 January 2024

Despite the ongoing snowfall, family and friends plus members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) gathered to celebrate the 60th birthday of Pastor Idowu Ladeinde at the Jack Purcell Community Centre on January 7, 2024. The diamond birthday celebration, which followed the church’s Sunday service during the reception, honoured the beloved pastor and her service to the community.  

The service, which fell on the first Sunday of the year, focused on the importance of gratitude. With a variety of readings and songs highlighting the significance of gratitude, the celebration of Pastor Idowu was no exception. During the reception portion of the day, a slideshow played, displaying her dedication to the community over a number of years.

As a prominent figure in the RCCG and the Nigerian community in Ottawa, Ladeinde was celebrated throughout the service and reception. The service recognized her contributions to the church in more depth than the slideshow as church members applauded her and sang happy birthday near the end. Throughout the reception, Ladeinde was greeted by countless members of the community, congratulating her on her legacy with the church and wishing her a happy birthday. There were several close friends and family members handpicked by Ladeinde wearing orange hats, called a kufi, and headwraps. These kufis and headwraps are used as a sign of respect during celebrations in Nigerian culture.

During the reception, attendees were treated to a variety of entertainment and food as the celebration of Pastor Idowu continued. As the reception began, attendees participated in several dance games as the savoury smells of traditional Nigerian foods, like pounded yam called iyan, filled the room. While not the forefront of the celebration, dancing and music were a large part of honouring Pastor Idowu, as she often joined in on the dancing.

As the celebration continued, members of all ages from the community shared their gratitude for Pastor Idowu and her many years of service to the church while wishing her a happy birthday with many more to come.