5 December, 2016


Isobel Granger, centre, is flanked by Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau and El Chantiry, Chair Police Services Board

Staff Sergeant Isobel Granger has added another feather to her cap, as she received her third medal: the  International Peace Operations Commemorative Coin, to add to the Long service medal and Member of the Order of Merit, which she already received in the course of a distinguished career with the Ottawa Police Service.  The award was given to her during the Ottawa Police Service Awards Ceremony on Monday, December 5, 2016, held at the Tudor Hall, on North Bowesville Road.  She received this recognition for her 2015 deployment to Cambodia, where she was part of an international team investigating war crimes against former Democratic of Kampuchea State leaders during the Khmer Rouge era of Cambodia, where close to two million Cambodians were killed.