Godwin Ifedi Editor Photo by Darren Goldstein/DSG Photo.

Good morning folks

As we come to the end of this year’s Black History Month, congratulations to the leaders of Black History Ottawa for an excellent job of coordinating this year’s celebrations. With in-person events cancelled in the previous two years due to the Covid pandemic, this year saw a significant surge in the number of events across the national capital. Starting with the local BHM launch on 28 January at the National Gallery of Canada, which we had reported in the February edition, events of note is the government of Canada launch on 8 February at the National Arts Centre, our Top Story for the March 2023 edition. Other notable Black History Month events in this edition are the Public School Board event on 11 February, the Liberal Black Caucus event on 8 February, the two commemorative hockey games on 7th and 13th February respectively. Rounding off the celebrations were the two galas hosted on 25th February by the African Canadian Association of Ottawa (ACAO) and Equal Chance respectively. Kudos to all the organizers and volunteers for what is easily the most successful Black History Month celebrations in the national capital region since its inception in 1985.

We also bring you a report on the annual Ottawa Heritage Day held at City Hall on 21 February. All these and more in the March 2023 edition of your favorite newspaper.

Here is the result of the February 2023 poll:  Have you attended, or will you be attending a Black History Month event this February? Yes 85% No 15% Thank you to all who voted. Here is the poll for March 20232: Do you believe that the cost of groceries will come down within the next few months?

Stay blessed and enjoy the rest of the winter season.

Godwin Ifedi Editor

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