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by Michael Arthur


Here are some proven winter maintenance tips for your home to help you avoid problems in the future where you can save money. It is recommended to hire a trusted and experienced professional to do this maintenance work if you are unable to do it yourself.  


  • Air Filters: Clean or replace air filters in HRV, furnace, hood­ fan (do monthly or as needed).
  • Air Vents: Ensure indoor air vents (HRV & forced air furnace supplies & returns) are clean and not blocked by dust,­ furnishings, drapes, etc. Air supply vents in the basement should be open.
  • Humidifier: Turn on and clean humidifier and open humidifi­er damper, if you have a humidifier. Adjust settings to provide a relative humidity of 30% or higher.
  • Doors: Whenever possible, leave bedroom doors open to allow for better air circulation.
  • Furnace: Refer to furnace manual and carry out any required furnace maintenance.  Run furnace fan throughout the year to provide ventilation for your home.
  • Hardwood Flooring: Winter is a critical time of year to closely monitor your indoor relative humidity with a suitable hygrometer. If the air is too dry, your floor will release its moisture. A low moisture content will damage your hardwood floor, lead­ ing to gapping, cracking, and squeaks.
  • Window Coverings: Keeping blinds and curtains open when­ ever possible exposes the glass to warm inside air, minimizing condensation.



  • Attic Vents: Ensure roof louvers, vents and soffits are not blocked with snow. Ventilation is a critical factor in roof dura­bility – air must be able to move through the attic.
  • Ensure roof louvers, vents and soffits are not blocked. Ven­tilation is a critical factor in roof durability – air must be able to move through the attic. Check for damaged areas, nests, trees or vines blocking openings, etc.
  • Shingles and Roofing: Remove excessive accumulations of snow and ice from the roof to avoid ice damming. Snow covered roof vents will not keep the attic properly ventilated.

About the writer

Michael Arthur is a realtor with RE/MAX Core Realty Inc., who specializes in residential properties and leasing of commercial properties. He works with various clients that include first-time home buyers, real estate investors, business owners, renters, and homeowners who are going through life transitions, ranging from divorce to personal bankruptcy. He can be reached at (613) 890-SOLD (7653). Website: miketheagent.ca