Morocco Celebrates Independence Day 2 March

Flag of Morocco

Wednesday 1 March 2023

By Joy Osiagwu

Morocco, also described as the Maghreb, is situated on the west of the North African region, bothering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.  The country was a French protectorate between 1912 and 1956.

 In the later part of 1955, Sultan Mohammed V successfully concluded the reconditioning of independence within the structure of French Moroccan interdependence. The sultan agreed to institute reforms transforming Morocco into a constitutional monarchy with a democratic description of government. France granted the nation independence formally on March 2, 1956. Rabat is the capital city.

With a population of 37.9 million, and a landmass of 446,300 sq km, the country enjoys a growing standard of living while maintaining its ancient architecture and traditions.

 The largest city is Casablanca, an industrial hub with an Atlantic Ocean port.

Languages spoken are Arabic, Berber, French, and Amazigh.

Current Governance Structure

Morocco operates a parliamentary system with the ultimate power vested in King Mohammed VI. He presides over the council of Ministers. The prime minister is Aziz Akhannouch.

H.E. King Mohammed VI. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

King Mohammed VI assumed office in 1999. One of the significant reforms under his tenure was the Mudawana, a law that grants more privileges to women by Koranic injunctions. However, a new constitution was produced to broaden the powers of the parliament and prime minister but it did not take away much autonomy from the king in terms of oversight over the various tiers of government.

Prime minister: Aziz Akhannouch. (Photo credit: Lematin. ma)

Trending News in Morocco

The United States has lauded the approach of the Moroccan government ‘s strategy for security. The US State Department’s Country Terrorism Report for 2021 Published on Monday, February 27, indicated that both US and Morocco have a firm grip on counterterrorism cooperation. The report also noted that Morocco has not relented in helping other international partners as it shared vital data and intelligence that contributed to the successful arrest of terror suspects.

Moroccan Community in Ottawa

The Moroccan Association of Ottawa and Gatineau is a non-profit organization, created in 2022 on an exclusive volunteer structure. They foster bonds of solidarity and also share between members in Ottawa, Gatineau, and their home country.

The Association coordinates events that promote the Moroccan culture and heritage among members of the Association and residents of Ottawa and Gatineau and the environs.

Members of MAOG at an event

MAOG organized an event in December 2022 to support the home country lions in the Semifinal at the World Cup in 2022.

They also hosted the representatives of the Embassy of Morocco in Ottawa Mr. Mehdi Gaouane and Ms. Asma Kamchi at Morocco’s Independence anniversary in 2022 in Ottawa. It is an indication of the cordial relationship between the Association and the Embassy.

L-R Mr. Mehdi Gaouane and Ms. Asma Kamchi & a  Members of MAOG. (Photo credit: MAOG)

Members of MAOG at an event. (Photo credit: MAOG)

Each year, the members gathered to mark Morocco’s Independence anniversary as a reminder of “their shared values of peace, tolerance, and solidarity” as Moroccans.

Contact information:

93 Ascari Rd, Ottawa ON K4M1C8- Phone: 613 447-6660.