Laura Mae Lindo

Laura Mae Lindo, NDP, Kitchener Centre

  • Critic for Anti-Racism and Colleges and Universities.
  • As Director of Diversity and Equity at Wilfrid Laurier University, Laura Mae works closely with Focus on Ethnic Women, The Working Centre and the Sexual Assault Support Centre. 
  • Laura Mae has a PhD in Education and deep roots in Kitchener where she fights for high quality services and support for our community.  
  • As your MPP, she will put her skills to work making change for the better in Kitchener-Centre, providing leadership people need to access better health care, seniors’ care, public transit and education.  
  • When not working on equity issues or community development, Laura Mae, a former performer and recording artist, is a mother of three.
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Andria Barrett

Andria Barrett, NDP, Brampton South

Andria is a prominent Black business leader who serves on boards including the Culinary Tourism Alliance and has volunteered for organizations like the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario. She is determined to help Brampton reach its full potential by making sure her community gets its fair share of provincial investments. Her priorities include healthcare funding, support for children and youth, and recognition for local working folks and entrepreneurs.


Marjorie Knight

Marjorie Knight, NDP, Cambridge

Marjorie experienced the loss of a good paying job with benefits and had to struggle to make ends meet with minimum wage jobs. She currently works with the House of Friendship. Marjorie became an advocate and activist for the $15andfairness campaign, fighting for decent wages and working conditions for all Ontario workers.

With Andrea Horwath, Marjorie will fight for the services that matter most to Cambridge–area families, including our hospitals, schools, affordable housing and public transportation.

Born in Montreal, raised in the West Indies, Marjorie has lived in Cambridge since 2001.


Felicia Samuel, NDP, Scarborough–Rouge Park 

Felicia is an educator with experience teaching at the elementary level in Peel and Toronto schools, including in French immersion. She has served in elected roles with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario and the Ontario Federation of Labour, and stays active in the community through her involvement with groups like ACORN’s Scarborough chapter. Felicia believes Scarborough families deserve to see investments in local hospitals, home care, schools and small businesses.


Jill Andrew

Jill Andrew, NDP, Toronto–St. Paul’s

  • Critic for Culture & Heritage and Women’s Issues
  • Jill Andrew is an award-winning equity advocate, inclusive fashion educator, writer, speaker and columnist. As the co-founder of Body Confidence Canada, Jill advocates to end size and appearance-based discrimination, harassment and bullying. 
  • Jill is a community co-owner of Glad Day Bookshop – the world’s oldest LGBT bookstore.
  • She has been an avid volunteer and donor to organizations across the GTA, supporting racialized communities, youth, women, chronic health and queer advocacy through community engagement, education, employment, healthcare and the arts. 
  • Jill has a Master’s Degree in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto, and is a PhD candidate at York University.
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Faisal Hassan

Faisal Hassan, NDP, York South–Weston 

  • Critic for Youth Opportunities. 
  • Faisal is a proud York South–Weston resident and an engaged community advocate
  • He has volunteered on the boards of the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation, Habitat for Humanity and currently serves on the board of directors at the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre
  • Faisal has worked alongside YSW members of provincial and federal Parliament, so he has the experience we need to have our voices heard in the legislature
  • He is a former broadcaster and a published author, with deep ties to the community


Rhyan Vincent-Smith

Oakville North—Burlington

  • Rhyan is founder and CEO of Beyond Unexpected Inc., which provides marketing support to Black and racialized content producers.
  • Has experience working in the arts and entertainment industry as an actor, singer and rapper.
  • Has worked in entrepreneurship and customer service.
  • Lives in Oakville, and is passionate about providing inspiration and hope to help others get through difficult times.