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Fidelia Orji

by Rita Orji

It’s official! Join me to #Congratulate my big sister and my mentor Fidelia Anulika Orji, for winning the prestigious Vanier Scholarship, “Canada’s most prestigious awards for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows.”💃💃💃

I am super excited and lack words to express how I really feel!

I didn’t feel this much excitement when I won the Vanier Scholarship in 2011.

Our parents didn’t have the opportunity to get an education, but I am proud to say that I and my siblings are representing as they prayed!

I wish our parents are here to witness us making history, to see the answers to their prayers!

We were orphaned early and with 7 younger siblings, my sister paused her education and picked a job as a Software Engineer to support me and my younger siblings get some education despite graduating as a top student and being way better.

I grew up praying and hoping to be like her! She set high bars that I was always trying to reach. I didn’t eventually become as good, but she sure has a very big influence on whom I am becoming.

After over 7 years in the industry, leading big software projects, she is back to school and smashing it big time with multiple awards! Moving from Dean’s Scholarship to Vanier Scholarship.
Many more are coming, stay toned.

Did I tell you that she is my mentor?

I feel a swell of pride and a rush of giddiness that this amazing soul is achieving her dream.

Fidel, you are unstoppable and I am cheering on the sidelines for you on this journey! I got your back always!!!

God will set you apart for your sacrifices.

God Bless You For All You Do, Big Sister!!!

You’re simply the best!!!!💃💃💃

I am because you are!!

She will be researching “Machine Learning Approach for Adapting and Personalizing eLearning Systems.”

Fidel’s daughter said she is the next in line!

Please, #share this post and make go viral to celebrate Fidel!

Igbo nwere mmadụ! #Igbo

See the winners and details about the Vanier Scholarship here.

Here is the link to the University announcement.

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Source: LinkedIn