Rev. Dan Joseph

by Rev Dan Joseph

Receive your blessing this month, in Jesus’ name.

I pray, may the Lord answer you in your distress. The name of the God of Jacob shall protect you throughout the remaining part of this year. I decree and declare; the Lord will send you help from the sanctuary, and grant you support from Zion.

TheLord shall remember all your sacrifices and accept your burnt offerings as you burn the midnight oil in prayer. My God will give you the desires of your heart always and throughout this year, and make all your plans succeed. Your helpers and loved ones will rejoice and shout praise to God over your victory and lift up the banners of His glory in the name of Jesus Christ. The Lord shall grant all your requests this month and through this year, in Jesus’ mighty name.

The Lord will anoint you with His fresh oil for favour, and give you victory over all your enemies and satanic agents round about you. The Lord will put you on a solid rock and raise your head above the wicked who are planning to attack your destiny this end of year.
He will answer you from his heavenly sanctuary and with the victorious power of his right hand He will fight your battles and give you rest. Your enemies shall come one way and flee seven ways.

Some trust in beauty, money, greatness and godfathers, and some delight in iniquity, fake and evil powers but you, the child of God, shall trust in the name of the Lord your God.
Rejoice and be glad for the wicked are brought to their knees. They all shall fall for your sake but you will rise up and stand firm, in Jesus’ name.

The Lord, that gives victory to kings shall visit you and give you victory over all those who fight the will of God for your life. This month, as this year is winding down to its end, the Lord God, your Father shall answer you whenever you call, in Jesus’ name. Welcome and Happy November.

Please read: Jeremiah 24-26; Titus 2

Rev Daniel Joseph (formerly Bassey Ekong), Dip Ed, BSc. Ed, B. Ed, M. Ed is an educator/teacher of science on the high school panel of the local board of education in the Ottawa-Carleton region. He’s a psychology of learning specialist. A scholar, always learning, a writer, teacher and trainer, adviser board of directors and pastor of the Light of the Nations ministry international, a non-denominational ministry with its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.