St. Vincent’s Association hosts annual picnic

by Suzette Small-Weekes

Thousands of picnic Lovers joined us at our temporary location, Chrysler Park to ‘Compare’– – they fell in love with the relaxed ambiance and beautiful scenery.

After a two –year hiatus, Vincy Unity Picnic pulled off a successful festival. In a picture-perfect weather, the Vincy Unity Picnic Committee were excited to welcome everyone on Saturday, July 16, 2022 to our new location for our popular family-friendly Vincy Unity Picnic organized by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Associations of Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

Many patrons used the opportunity to reboot and reconnect with family while feasting on local delicacies, building sand castle with their kids, and grated to the latest soca sounds emanating from mini boom boxes and sound systems across the picturesque park.

The event was a day of fun for children and adults alike, with live music, kid’s zone, fitness in the park, giveaways. marketplace and exhibitors to patronize.

Our focus this year – was more on promoting local artists in the diaspora and the young people. 

We extend our thanks to all attendees, donors, participants, sponsors and volunteers that have made Vincy Unity Picnic Canada 2022 at Crysler Park possible in every way and most memorable!

We thank you for attending Vincy Unity Picnic. We hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you in 2023!

For our event highlights, please visit us on and find Vincy Unity Picnic on Facebook. You can also follow our hashtags

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Suzette Small-Weekes is President of the St. Vincent & Grenadines Association of Ottawa.

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