Story-book wedding for Toni and Elry

Toni and Elry
Photo credit: Seyi Okuridibo-Macolm

Saturday 22 October 2022

While the stories shaped through a photographer’s lens begin with the photographer’s eye and perspective, the stories are reshaped by the viewer as they take in the moments captured in each frame. The intention of those being photographed will be reflected if the photographer takes care and time to know their story. Seyi Okuridibo-Macolm is no stranger to using her camera to capture moments that speak volumes all on their own.

On October 22, 2022, Seyi and Lindsay Blair, of Blair Global Media, collaborated to document the wedding of Elry Allen and Toni Francis.  Elry and Toni, with their four (4) children each having a role to play, and their families present, exchanged personalized vows; happily transitioning to married life together.  Seyi’s unique eye allowed for a carefully crafted ceremony and celebration to be beautifully held in time.  With the Courtyard Restaurant, 21 George Street, the cobble stone walkways and the Fall leaves as the perfect backdrops, these photos echo moments of warmth, intimacy, vulnerability, laughter, and a love that has patiently matured.  Seyi and Lindsay memorialized the Francis-Allen wedding exactly as the couple hoped.  The photographs give onlookers the feeling of having been present and allow more than glimpse into a love that has been carefully and intentionally shaped.

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Photo credits: Seyi Okuridibo-Macolm and Lindsay Blair (Global Media)

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