Posing with EVA members, Executive Director, Yami Msosa, 2 left, shows off their award

Friday 10 November 2023

Our hearts are so full. 💜 Last night we heard the powerful voices of people who are resolved to rally our communities to stop the terrible rise in gender-based violence.

We gathered to honour and thank an incredible group of people who work tirelessly to pull women and gender-diverse people out of crisis, and to help them build a new life.

The recipients of our 2023 Community Builder of the Year Award are:

EVA-End Violence Against Women-Renfrew County, Lanark County Interval House, La Coalition de Prescott-Russell pour éliminer la violence faite aux femmes and Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW). Representing those groups last night were JoAnne Brooks, Erin Lee, Muriel Lalonde and Yami Msosa. 📣

We began the special day with an intimate ceremony at the Enclave Monument in Minto Park where Sam Laprade joined us to honour these groups for their efforts. Then, we headed to Coconut Lagoon for a dinner 🍛 hosted by Accenture, our #WomenUnited giving initiative, and chef Joe Thottungal.

We were so grateful to be joined by Members of Parliament Marie-France Lalonde and Lisa Hepfner, both of whom shared powerful messages with the room.

At United Way East Ontario, we know that perhaps more than any other year, this award is also a call for reflection—and even more importantly, a call to action on a crisis that we must not let continue any longer.

Yami Msosa, right, Executive Director of the End Violence Against Women
Yami Msosa, Executive Director of End Violence Against Women, addresses the audience at Minto Park
United Way East Ontario 2023 Community Builder award winners

Source: United Way East Ontario