Photo gallery: Africa’s week in pictures

A selection of the week’s best photos from across the continent and beyond:

Children wave flags in the air as they dance.
Image captionChildren perform at an after-school club in Nairobi on Saturday, run by ex-professional Kenyan dancer Mike Wamaya.
A man sings as he plays steel hand-held cymbals, called krakebs.
Image captionOn the same day, Gnawa performers in the Moroccan city of Essaouira celebrate the tradition’s newly minted Unesco heritage status…
A man jumps in the air as he plays steel hand-held cymbals, called krakebs.
Image captionIt says Gnawa is primarily “a Sufi brotherhood music combined with lyrics with a generally religious content, invoking ancestors and spirits”.
An elderly man looks directly into the camera.
Image captionIn central Somalia on the same day, 74-year-old Omar Dule is among those sheltering at a UN camp after losing his home to floods that have hit thousands of people in East Africa.
Traditionally clad queens from various provinces of South Africa take part in the Miss Indoni SA section of the three-day Indoni Cultural Festival.
Image captionOn Friday, candidates for the Miss Indoni cultural pageant title wait backstage in Durban, South Africa…
Participants at the Indoni festival talk and wait to take to the stage.
Image captionThe annual Indoni Cultural Festival brings together cultural groups from South Africa’s many provinces.
Sudanese protesters wait at a train station in Khartoum to board a train to Atbara.
Image captionOn Thursday, celebrations begin in Sudan’s capital Khartoum as the country marks one year since the start of protests which led to the ousting of former President Omar al-Bashir after nearly 30 years in power.
Women and children watch a kite surfing tournament.
Image captionOn Friday, families watch kite surfers off the coast of Libya’s capital, Tripoli.
A man jumps acrobatically next to a row of columns.
Image captionOn the same day in eastern Libya, a man practises parkour among the ruins of the the ancient Greek city of Cyrene.
A South African rugby supporter wearing flag-print swimming trunks throws the ball.
Image captionAt the Rugby World Sevens series in Cape Town on Saturday, a fan sports the South African flag-print swimming trunks that were popularised by player Faf de Klerk after the country’s World Cup win last month.
Soldiers and residents swim next to Mogadishu's air base as a plane flies overhead.
Image captionBathers look on as a military plane lands at an airbase in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, on Friday.
Ice sculptures featuring pharaohs, and Egyptian queen and hieroglyphics.
Image captionThis tribute to ancient Egypt is among the ice sculptures on display at a festival in the Netherlands on Saturday.
People look at a house covered in Christmas lights of various colours.
Image captionOn Wednesday, people visit a house decked out in hundreds of Christmas lights in a suburb of Durban, South Africa.
People walk through a heart-shaped tunnel of red Christmas lights.
Image captionAnd visitors to Durban Botanical Gardens walk through its Trail of Lights on the same day.

Pictures from Getty Images, AFP and Nur Photo.

Source: BBC News

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