Bolajoko Haastrup

Place of work: Extendicare New Orchard Lodge Job title: Personal Support Worker

Bolajoko Haastrup is a selfless front-line worker and a prestigious member of the ACB community. She is ever willing to give a helping hand to community members especially during the pandemic. She went above and beyond supporting ACB community members who tested positive to COVID 19 taking food, groceries, and supplies to their doorsteps and many of these supports were out of her pocket.

Bola has a high sense of community strength and an understanding that we should all lean on each other and carry each other whenever we can. It is no wonder she is a well-loved staff in Extendicare New Orchard Lodge and in the ACB community.

A testament to her caring nature is the fact that, during this COVID 19 pandemic, she always volunteered to provide care to residents who had tested positive for COVID 19 and once remained in the Red Zone nursing residents to health for over 2 months, without returning home to her supportive family who understand her calling.

Bolajoko was also affected by loss of loved ones due to COVID 19, but that grief did not stop her from being a reliable pillar and a support to the community and residents she serves. I appreciate that not all heroes wear capes; however, Bolajoko is definitely a hero of humanity.

Submitted by Dr. Ruby Edet