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Black History Month 2015 Nigerian Panorama Fashion Parade

by John Adeyefa

Name of organization: Nigerian Canadian Association Ottawa.

Mandate, mission and/or objectives of organization: A non-profit organization established about 17 years ago by members of the Nigerian community in the National Capital Region of Canada in bringing together all the various regions under one umbrella in recognition of Nigerians common interest for the progress and the betterment of the members of Nigerian community and the furtherance of the good friendly relations between the peoples of Nigeria and Canada.

Eligibility for membership: Open to all Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria. Membership fee is $25.

Past, Current, Future Programs & Projects:

·         Annual Mega Picnic. This is a gathering of all Nigerians Families and Friends to come together sharing and caring with lots of delicious Nigerian snacks, foods, games, activities for both young children and old members of our community like Sack race, Egg and Spoon race, musical chair, Tug-o-War rope pull etc. This year event is scheduled to July 9, 2016.

·         Soccer Game Events: We organize Soccer game competitions between Nigerians and other countries as well as between Nigerian Professionals and Students in Summer months.

·          Annual Flag raising ceremony: We celebrates annually the raising of Nigerian Flag at the City Hall on Nigerian Independence days, This year is scheduled to October 1, 2016.

·        Annual Independence Celebration Dinner: We celebrates annually the Nigerian Independence from colonial rule on October 1 with various entertainment activities, Gala and Dinner. This year celebration is scheduled to October 8, 2016.

·         African Multiculturalism Day June 25, 2016: African Multiculturalism Day is a day dedicated to celebrating our diverse cultural heritage, our diversity, equality and mutual respect. This event will reflect an exciting Nigerian and African culture, ethnic and linguistic makeup.

·         African Canadian Association Ottawa: Collaboration with African Association Presidents and Leaders coming together to founding African Canadian Association giving one voice to Africans. Launching of this Association is scheduled for June 27, 2016 at the City Hall, Ottawa.

·         Senior Citizen Social Forum. This is a new initiative where our senior citizens get to meet regularly to socialize and discuss among each other. This alleviate loneliness and boredom among our senior citizens.

·         Chronic Diseases Self Management Program: We are planning to present to our community a six week Chronic Disease Self Management program later in the end of Summer 2016. 

·         Queensway Carlton Hospital Foundation Fundraising Project: We are partnering with Queensway Carlton Hospital Foundation in raising needed funds towards a better healthcare as a way of positively imprinting our presence on the larger Ottawa-Gatineau giving back to the community where we live and reside, the Ottawa National Capital Region. You can donate on-line at:

Upcoming Events: 

  • African Multiculturalism Day. June 25, 2016. Vincent Massey Park. 12 noon-6 pm.
  • African Canadian Association Ottawa: Launching of this new Association is scheduled for June 27, 2016 at the City Hall, Ottawa.
  • Mega Picnic: July 9, 2016. Vincent Massey Park. 1pm.
  • 2016 Independence Celebration Dinner: October 8, 2016.

Names of current executive committee:  John Adeyefa, President. Christina Ogah, Vice President.

Contact info: Nigerian Canadian Association Ottawa.


Pic 10. .
Pic 12  Akwa Cross 2015 End of Year Picture with Santa.
Pic 13. Yoruba Association Executives with NCAO President at the 2015 End of Year Party.
Pic 14. Yoruba Language School Children with Teacher Mrs Folake Garba at the 2015 End of Year Performance.
Pic 15. Igbo Association 2015 End of Year Party.
Pic 16. Mega Picnic 2014, Children Egg and Spoon Race.
Nigerian Canadian Association, Ottawa (NCAO)
P.O. Box 885, Station “B”, Ottawa ON  K1P 5P5, Canada

General emails for NCAO:
NCAO email distribution list:

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  1. With national elections coming up in Nigeria next year, please I’m encouraging the association to take actions so as to help Nigeria’s diaspora in Canada to participate in the 2019 elections. The right to vote is a right that many Nigerians desire to exercise, but there are no instructions on how to obtain the permanent voters card while in Canada.

    Because a collective voice has much more power than individual voices, simply sending an open letter to the Nigerian embassy, asking for Nigerians in Canada to be registered and to obtain voters cards would be a wake up call. Some Nigerians might be willing to pay the association in order to access such services, which could help in generating useful revenue.

    Thanks for your help.

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