Ililli Ahmed


By Ililli Ahmed

the commodified monikers of this world were once synonymous with evolution–

Pepsi, Dasani, Apple

their influence has disintegrated within the minds of the free

we are now obligated to explore the complex certainty of ourselves, beyond

so, what is beyond, you?

what is the universe within your being and out? 

you don’t need to know just yet.

but bring the ever-changing universe of others into a combined cosmos

repeat, and let us find ourselves in a celestial world

hanging makeshift stars on sapphire skies,

adorn yourself in the constellations embedded in the mundane

take note.

map the planets poking their head through mercurial fog

enjoy the sun eclipse into the wink of God

watch the wounded archer fly his arrow across your neighbor’s gait 

and let the bullseye inform your moods

look to crouching tigers behind bushes

rifles between their teeth, indigeneity on their tongue

find their bravery reflected within

in fact, cut yourself open

make room, well past gastric individualism

become a beautiful speck.

see proof that heaven exists in glimpses between dust 

and do not denounce the world until it is time.


Ililli Ahmed is a writer, poet and former Ottawan now based in Montreal. She has been writing creatively for the past few years and has begun sharing her work with the public. Ililli is moved by the collective. She has hope for the world, starting with the individual. Ililli is very happy to be contributing to Black Ottawa Scene once again. You can contact her at [email protected].