Kaleb Aman

Carleton University student Kaleb Aman, wins prestigious International Design award

by Ruth Aman, Editorial Associate

The James Dyson Award is an International Design award given annually to university students who have created spectacular inventions. These inventions and designs are typically ones that address a problem and aim to solve it through its unique features and specifications.

Canada’s 2023  winner, Kaleb Aman, is a student in the Industrial Design program at Carleton University. He was recognized and awarded for his design DewPointe, a sustainable irrigation system which was created during a trip to Tanzania in early 2023. While staying within the Longido District of Tanzania, Aman was made aware of the dry spell that had affected the land and the agriculture. As a district that primarily relies on its agriculture to provide for their diet and the sustainment of their livestock, it was essential to create a system that provides water to the crops.

Dewpointe was created to solve this problem. By using charcoal, the system attracts moisture from the atmosphere, which the charcoal then converts into readily available water for crops. Dewpointe allows for year-round crop production in a low-risk and low-cost manner for farmers in the district.

He has been awarded £5,000 for further studies and trials aiming to refine the system.

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