Michael Arthur
Michael Arthur

by Michael Arthur

Throughout my experience, I have seen plenty of homeowners having a difficult and frustrating time selling their house quickly at the highest possible price they are looking for. For example, I have seen homeowners desperately trying to sell their home quickly at the highest price in order for them to qualify to purchase their new dream home that is on the verge of being sold to other eager buyers. As a homeowner, have you experienced this situation before or are experiencing it right now? Don’t worry, you are not alone as this situation is common in any real estate market on a daily basis.

What most homeowners do not realize is that they need to do their homework before they list their house on the market. This requires PREPARATION!

Here are some practical, proven and cost-effective tips to prepare and transform your house that will attract buyers to immediately purchase your house at the highest possible price:

  • Replace old & burned out light bulbs with highest and safest wattage.
  • Dust all light fixtures, blinds, window ledges, counters, and furniture.
  • Clean interior and exterior of all windows and glass doors.
  • Keep all blinds pulled up to allow maximum light inside.
  • Clean and wipe all stained woodwork with a wood-feeding polish such as Old English (dark for dark stained wood). Clean painted woodwork.
  • Clean all tubs, toilets and sinks: wax sinks with lemon or vegetable oil.
  • Polish all hardware to a shine.
  • Keep flat surfaces cleared off. Store toiletries under counter if possible.
  • Thin out all closets dramatically and organize a few items neatly on the shelves. Leave open spaces so back wall of closet will show when the door is opened. Pack up off-season clothes and remove. If closet appears to have ample space for you, it will seem to be large to buyers.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned. Keep vacuumed at all times.
  • Replace air conditioning filters and try not to smoke in the house.
  • Repaint all surfaces that need it – interior walls and ceilings if possible.
  • Depersonalize the house by removing all personal pictures. You want buyers to picture themselves in this home not you!
  • Place a nice fragrance in each room.
  • Keep lawn mowed, fertilized & severely edged. Shrubs should NOT block windows.
  • Weed flowerbeds and top-dress with fresh cedar mulch.
  • Plant colorful flowers everywhere possible.
  • Remove extra cans, boxes and containers from grounds.
  • Keep one covered trash can in garage.
  • Keep patio swept clean and replace any worn outdoor furniture.
  • Clean out garage, workbench or shop area and only store things in neatly stacked boxes.
  • Minimize amount of furniture in each room and allow for unobstructed vision to corner areas.
  • Keep fresh, solid-color towels on bathroom racks.

These simple, do-it-yourself renovation tips can make your house be ahead of the competition of other houses for sale in your neighbourhood. If you are interested about learning more practical tips on selling your house faster at the right price you are looking for, you can contact me as I’m here to support and serve you to live comfortably.

About the writer

Michael Arthur is a realtor with RE/MAX Core Realty Inc., who specializes in residential properties and leasing of commercial properties. He works with various clients that include first-time home buyers, real estate investors, business owners, renters, and homeowners who are going through life transitions, ranging from divorce to personal bankruptcy. He can be reached at (613) 890-SOLD (7653). Website: miketheagent.ca