Huda Mukbil

Ottawa South

Huda is a mother, public servant, and national security expert with 18 years of experience in leadership positions within the Federal government.


Camille Esther Garon


Camille Esther Garon est une agente de développement, organisatrice d’événements, entrepreneure sociale ainsi que conférencière et animatrice.

Fièrement Afro-Québécoises, issue de l’adoption internationale, elle arrive à 8 mois dans une famille fièrement Québécoise. Elle fait ses études en Science Politique de l’Université Laval et étudie présentement en management aux Haute Étude Commerciales (HEC).

Elle commence sa carrière dans les organismes communautaires portant sur le dialogue interculturel et l’encouragement des femmes en politique municipale. Elle commence à faire ses projets lorsqu’elle fait son TEDxQuébec en 2018 sur Viola Desmond.

Par la suite, elle initie plusieurs projets portant sur la diversité, l’inclusion et l’équité tel que Célébrons les Afro-Québécois.e.s lors du mois de l’histoire des Noir.e.s, la programmation Nos Voix Comptent lors du mois des Adopté.e.s ainsi que des événements portant sur la diversité sexuelle et de genre.

Un an après les manifestations contre le racisme en juin 2020, elle fait le saut en politique à 26 ans afin de soutenir les enjeux sociaux et promouvoir l’inclusion, la diversité et l’équité à travers le Canada.


Fabiola Ngamaleu Teumeni


Fabiola Ngamaleu Teumeni knows what hard work looks like. She was born abroad and her parents immigrated to Quebec when she was a child. Growing up in a working family Fabiola recognizes the importance of giving back and has worked hard to support everyone in her community.

She has been an active member of a number of social initiatives, ranging from the fight against climate change to empowering women and people of color. She has always fought for what is right, so that we can all live in a more just world.

One of the co-founders of the Black Girls Gather: A Book Club program, which works to empower Black girls in Montreal, Fabiola knows everyone should be given a voice. She works tirelessly and cares about her community. Regardless of the challenge, Fabiola is always willing to step up to the task and ensure that the job is done right.

Fabiola is commitmented to social initiatives and passionate about her community. She will work to ensure that local businesses get the help they need, get back on their feet, and thrive beyond the pandemic. She knows we can build stronger communities through federal support and investment that benefits local, sustainable infrastructure and local entrepreneurs – not Canada’s biggest businesses and the ultra-rich.

Fabiola has always tried to be at the forefront of any initiative that she is a part of. She is fearless and unrelenting in her attempts to serve those around her. She knows that we can better care for one another. That is why she is so often working with people on various projects and collective initiatives.

Fabiola is dedicated to ensuring everyone’s needs are met and that people and families who need help, can get it, now. She saw New Democrats fight to make sure that no one is left behind during the pandemic and she will fight with them to make sure everyone has a safe home and can live with dignity.


Teneshia Samuel

Mississauga Centre

Teneshia Samuel is a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consultant and artist based in the Peel region, who is standing with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP team to build a future we can all look forward to – one that is more affordable, equal, hopeful, and secure. Teneshia is determined to head to Ottawa and start fighting for bold action on the issues that matter to you.

Teneshia believes a leader at any level needs to have a vision, and offers an inclusive, compassionate, and transformational personal vision focused on the betterment of all Canadians. This means building a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic that benefits all of us – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identification, or sexual orientation.

As a community activist, Teneshia concentrates on philanthropy, Black mentorship, and personal empowerment. They are an active board member of Black Mental Health Canada and Moyo Health & Community Services. Professionally, they have worked for Black Women in Motion and have also consulted with some of Canada’s top banks.

Teneshia understands the disproportionate impact COVID-19 has had on marginalized communities. They pledge to do everything possible to ensure it is the corporations and billionaires that have profited from this pandemic that pay for a fair recovery – not the working Canadians who have already sacrificed too much.

The NDP has made life better for millions of Canadians over the last 18 months. Teneshia knows there is plenty more to do and is committed to fighting for action on affordable housing, universal pharmacare and dental care, paid sick leave, stamping out hate, and building a green economy that fights the climate crisis while creating good jobs.


Shailene Panylo


Shailene Panylo is a community activist, organizer, and proud lifelong resident of Oshawa – who knows from personal experience that people in Canada benefit when we work to remove barriers to accessibility and invest in communities like ours. She is working to be the role model and advocate that she could have used and that Oshawa needs.

In a time when people are working hard but still struggling to make ends meet, Shailene knows that building a more affordable, equitable, hopeful, and secure future means ensuring Canada’s COVID-19 recovery benefits all of us. She believes our recovery must be built on four pillars of justice: social justice, climate justice, economic justice, and political justice.

She understands that this means fighting for better health care, universal pharmacare, affordable housing, accessible mental health supports, proper representation in government, and climate action which creates green jobs that pay fair wages and does not exclude or leave anyone behind. It also means making sure the corporations that profited during the pandemic pay their fair share, so the majority do not keep having to shoulder the burden.

Shailene’s unique experiences as an adopted Black woman and survivor of suicide, with a commitment to community, accountability, and grassroots advocacy, ensures she will be a strong voice in Ottawa. As an equity, diversity, and inclusion advisor, Shailene works in partnership with organizations across the Greater Toronto Area to develop and deliver diversity, mental health, and anti-oppression workshops.

She is a director of the community not-for-profit Durham Black Students Network, which works to support marginalized youth in the region, and she was also the organizer of Oshawa’s Black Lives Matter Memorial, Rally & Protest in June 2020. Now, she is ready to get to work for you in Ottawa, helping build a fair future founded on justice and inclusion.


Christine Paré


A proud feminist, socialist, and tireless advocate for social housing and women’s rights, Christine Paré is the kind of candidate the super-rich want to keep out of Parliament.

Christine has studied extensively the role of women in organizations. Originally from Burkina Faso, Christine was active in the movement fighting the dictatorship of Blaise Compaoré, before immigrating to Quebec.

Christine joined her first union when she was 18, and has been active in the labour movement ever since, in elected positions and as a grassroots activist. Her work for the NDP has led her to chair several women’s committees, at the federal and provincial levels. She has been co-president of the women’s federal council, as well as of the cultural community council from the Quebec Section NPD.

She has lived in Montréal’s Parc Extension since 2002, where she’s active in local movements advocating for housing and social justice. Her inspirations are labour leaders like Madeleine Parent, Lea Roback and writers like Toni Morrison. When she’s not working or organizing in her community, she enjoys reading and talking long walks in her neighborhood.


Paul Taylor

Parkdale–High Park

Paul Taylor is an anti-poverty activist, a community leader, an educator, and the Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto.

Paul Taylor grew up off of Bloor and Lansdowne, raised by a single mother who fought tirelessly for her two boys to succeed.

While working three jobs as a nursing home aide to provide for her sons, Paul’s mother taught him to dream big, and that anything was possible.

Paul still faced an uphill battle — his family struggled with poverty, he often went to school hungry, and he was forced to endure systemic racism in the school system — yet he never forgot his mother’s powerful words of inspiration.

Paul has used his life experiences and core values to fuel a career focused not just on helping others, but on fighting for a better future for all Canadians.

He’s been a vocal advocate for climate justice, human rights for Indigenous peoples, decent work and labour rights, affordable housing, and a food system in Canada where no one goes hungry. 

Paul is the Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto, an innovative food organization that reaches over 260,000 people each year. Every day, Paul and his colleagues collaborate alongside communities across the city in fighting for their right to food on their own terms.

Paul has also served as Executive Director of the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House in Vancouver, chaired a Poverty Reduction Coalition, served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and as Vice-Chair of Food Secure Canada.

In addition to his work in the nonprofit sector, Paul is a political commentator who frequently appears on CTV and in Rabble Media.

His writing and op-eds have appeared in the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, Toronto Life, and NOW Magazine.

In 2020, Paul was named one of Toronto Life’s 50 Most Influential Torontonians, was awarded the Top 40 under 40 in Canada, and voted as Best Activist by the readers of Now Magazine.

Paul enjoys daily walks through his Roncesvalles neighbourhood, thrift shopping, and of course, cooking delicious food.


Joseph Hakizimana


Jospeh Hakizimana est titulaire d’une maîtrise en administration publique en Gestion des services de santé et services sociaux, obtenue à l’École nationale d’administration publique. Infirmier et gestionnaire, c’est un altruiste qui s’est investi et mis au service des personnes les plus vulnérables de sa communauté, notamment en luttant contre la discrimination, la stigmatisation et en travaillant à briser les barrières d’accès aux soins et services.

Avant la fonction administrative qu’il occupe au CHSLD, il a travaillé comme préposé aux bénéficiaires et infirmier. Passionné par son travail et grâce à ses valeurs familiales, sa créativité et sa détermination, Joseph ne cesse de réfléchir aux solutions pouvant améliorer les services offerts à nos aîné∙es. Comme gestionnaire, il est très préoccupé par le problème de pénurie de la main-d’œuvre. Il croit que toutes les solutions à ce problème passent par un meilleur traitement des travailleuses et travailleurs, entre autres en offrant de meilleures conditions de travail et des salaires justes et équitables.

Grâce à son expérience dans le réseau de la santé, Joseph a tiré la sonnette d’alarme sur la vulnérabilité de notre système de santé, avant l’apparition de la pandémie. Il s’est toujours battu pour les meilleures conditions de vie des personnes vulnérables et de nos aînés en particulier. Il croit que le chemin est encore très long pour que notre système de santé puisse répondre aux besoins de tous les Québécois et garantir de meilleures conditions de travail à ses employeurs.

Joseph voit une responsabilité en chaque citoyenne et citoyen d’œuvrer pour notre avenir et pour un environnement sain : il veut concrétiser son rêve d’une société inclusive dans laquelle tout le monde peut se réaliser.


Adam Kilner


Adam has dedicated his life to making our community a better place – working as an Ordained Minister of the United Church of Canada (and current Minister of Dunlop United Church), serving on the board of directors for local non-profits, and volunteering with organizations like Big Brothers.

Adam believes that Sarnia-Lambton is a kind, inclusive, and welcoming place – but we can be even better and do even more to help the most vulnerable. That’s why Adam advocates for equity, affordability, and human rights in Sarnia-Lambton. He wants better long-term care for our loved ones, good-paying jobs and protections for our workers, and justice for all.

Early in life, Adam was fostered by a woman named Erma Vinson, who is said to have fostered over 200 children in the Windsor-Detroit area. Erma’s door was always open to everyone, no matter who you were – and Adam looks to embody her spirit. He was adopted as the twelfth of thirteen children and raised in a wonderful family here in Sarnia-Lambton.

We deserve an MP who truly represents the values of our community: caring, inclusive, and progressive. That is Adam. He believes in bringing people together, not dividing them. He loves this community – and the people and small businesses who make it great. He understands the struggles of everyday people because he is one. He will listen, support, and fight for you in Ottawa like he’s always done in Sarnia-Lambton.


Guled Arale

Scarborough Southwest

Guled Arale is an activist and long-time Scarborough Southwest resident with a passion for improving the lives of everyday Canadians. He is standing with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP team to build a pandemic recovery that benefits working Canadians and small businesses – and a fairer, more equal future we can all look forward to.

Fighting to make life better for the people around him has been a lifelong vocation for Guled. Growing up in Scarborough, he started taking on leadership roles in elementary school. Later, attending the University of Toronto Scarborough, he took prominent roles in activist groups fighting for action on the issues affecting students and all Scarborough residents.

Guled’s activism gets results. He has years of experience working in government, which gives him a deep understanding of how the system works. As an activist in Scarborough, he has helped to make post-secondary education more affordable, tackle systemic racism, save bus routes, and expand recreational programming for lower-income families.

Guled has seen successive Liberal and Conservative governments fail to address the issues that matter to regular Canadians. He knows that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Trudeau has only given people the help they need when Jagmeet forced his hand. Guled is committed to fighting for the change the Liberals have never been able to deliver in Scarborough.

As your Scarborough Southwest MP, he will fight to ensure that everyone can find affordable housing in their community, that small businesses get the help they need to recover after this pandemic, that everyone can feel safe interacting with the police, and that the government takes bold action on the climate emergency and builds a sustainable economy.


Larisa Julius



Larisa Julius moved to Canada when she was just two years old and has lived in Scarborough–Agincourt ever since. She wants to help build a fair, inclusive society where all people are valued and can access the services they need and deserve. That is why she is standing with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP team.

Larisa is a university student in teachers’ college, who is supporting herself by working part-time. She has firsthand experience of what it is like to struggle to make ends meet, especially when governments keep giving breaks to billionaires and corporations while forcing the rest of us to pay the price.

She has watched working Canadians make incredible sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic and noted that Trudeau will only give people the help they need when Jagmeet forces his hand. She has seen the NDP make life better for millions of people during this pandemic, knows there is plenty more to do, and is ready to head to Ottawa and start working hard work for you.

Larisa understands what a difference it makes when governments invest in families. She is fighting to make sure Canada builds more affordable housing, improves access to health care, makes the medications you need more affordable, and creates a new green economy that fights climate change while creating well-paid jobs.


Julienne Soumaoro

Thérèse-De Blainville

Julienne SOUMAORO, enseignante de profession depuis 1976. Ancienne Directrice d’École Secondaire dans son pays, elle est passionnée pour la lutte contre la pauvreté et la cause des personnes vivant dans la précarité particulièrement les femmes et enfin l’égalité entre les êtres humains.

Fondatrice de la Maison Internationale des Femmes à Montréal, organisme à but non lucratif, présentement, organisme de bienfaisance pour soutenir les femmes de toutes horizons dans la sécurité alimentaire et l’éducation.

Citoyenne engagée et impliquée depuis son arrivée au Québec en 2000.

Bénévole dans plusieurs organismes à But Non Lucratif, de Charité, ONGs Internationaux de Montréal et au bureau des élus de sa circonscription de résidence. Elle fut choisie à cet effet, comme Lauréates dans le Projet « Femmes Exceptionnelles » avec un Trophée en 2014 pour son apport à l’intégration des personnes immigrantes et marginalisées.

Titulaire d’une Maitrise en Éducation avec centre d’intérêt les obstacles à l’éducation des femmes, Julienne a représenté le NPD dans la circonscription de Joliette en 2019. Elle poursuit son combat en privilégiant l’intérêt des démunies, des minorités visibles et des personnes marginalisées. La démocratie, la liberté, la solidarité et l’égalité sociale sont des valeurs qui rallient Julienne au NPD pour poser les jalons d’une société sans discrimination basée sur l’égalité des êtres humains sans distinction dans la circonscription de Sainte Thérèse de Blainville.


Hawa Mire

York South–Weston

With your help we can create an orange wave! It’s easy – just say yes, and we’ll do the rest! Like magic – a sign will appear when an election is called!


Matthew Green

Hamilton Centre

Matthew Green has served as MP for Hamilton Centre since 2019. Previously, he served for the 2014-2018 term as the Ward 3 Councillor on Hamilton City Council.

In all of his work as an elected official, and earlier as a small business owner and as the former executive director of the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion, Matthew has consistently advocated for initiatives and policies that promote environmental protection, racial and social equity, and economic justice.

The first person of colour to be elected to Hamilton City Council, Matthew Green is the son of a former ironworker and retired school teacher who plays in a gospel and blues band and mother who retired from years of public service with Industry Canada while continuing to support climate and Indigenous justice campaigns into her own retirement. Matthew believes deeply in governments that support anti-poverty initiatives and that recognize and support working class people. He knows that the same Hamilton steel industry that employed thousands of workers and stimulated significant industrial development in Canada also withered and left many families economically vulnerable.

Matthew’s background is firmly rooted in community organization. Among his many accomplishments, he has advocated for barrier-free access to healthy living on First Nations territory and in the inner city of Hamilton, successfully opposed the opening of a casino in his city, and fought to make Hamilton the first city in Ontario to adopt an environmental bill of rights and to license Payday loan regulations on predatory lenders. Additionally, his opposition to police carding and racial profiling helped bring about more stringent provincial policies on how local police interact with communities.

As the NDP critic for Public Ownership, National Revenue, Public Services and Procurement and Treasury Board, and as deputy critic for Ethics, he strives to ensure that the working-class values of Hamilton are represented in Ottawa. He stands with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP to fight for universal pharmacare, affordable housing, urgent action on the environment, racial justice, and the rights of Indigenous peoples.

Matthew has a B.A. in political science and legal studies from Acadia University, as well as certificates in government leadership and social enterprise initiatives from Harvard University.

Having played free safety for the Acadia and McMaster University football teams, Matthew maintains an avid interest in local amateur sports, culture and the arts.


Gail Bannister-Clarke

Brampton East

Gail Bannister-Clarke is a teacher, parent, labour activist, and former MPP. She is proud to call Brampton East home and takes every opportunity to help our community. Gail is standing with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP team to build a fair pandemic recovery that benefits everyday Canadians – and a more hopeful, equal future we can all look forward to.

Gail has a deep connection to the NDP’s core ideals of fairness and equality. She has previously served as the NDP Member of Provincial Parliament for Brampton East. In that position, she fought hard to advance the interests of people here, with a particular emphasis on increasing access to health care services and improving local infrastructure.

She is looking forward to taking this fight to the federal level and supporting the incredible work Jagmeet has done to help millions of working Canadians during the pandemic. Gail knows there is plenty more work to be done making sure our pandemic recovery benefits regular people – and that it is paid for by the billionaires and corporations that profited from COVID-19.

Gail has a long history of fighting to help working people. She was the first Black president of the Peel Elementary Teachers’ Local, the second largest Teachers’ local in Canada – and is currently serving her second term. As your Brampton East MP, she will focus on making life better for working people and their families – here and across Canada.

She has seen Brampton blossom into a thriving, diverse community that serves as a microcosm for all that is good about our nation – but she knows we must keep fighting to make it a more affordable, sustainable place. That is why she is pledging to fight for progress on affordable housing, universal pharmacare, and climate action that creates well-paid jobs.


Dirka Prout

London North Centre

Dirka is determined to end the squeeze of housing crisis on London – and knows it’s time for the government to get back into building affordable housing. 

Through her infrastructure work and involvement with the Unity Project, Dirka has seen the people of her community get left behind while government puts the rich and big corporations first. 

That’s why she’s fighting for the solutions people in London need – like universal pharmacare and housing they can afford. 


Hugo Charles


Hugo Charles is a customer service and sales professional, with a passion for sports and community building. He is standing with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP team to build a pandemic recovery that benefits working Canadians – and a more hopeful future that we can all look forward to.

As an immigrant, originally from the Caribbean tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Hugo understands how hard it can be to get ahead when successive federal governments keep giving all the breaks to their rich friends. He knows what a huge difference it makes for working people when the government gives them the help they need and deserve.

After living in Edmonton, Hugo moved to Leduc, where he enjoys the small town feel and tightly knit community. He serves with the Leduc Parks & Recreation Cultural Board, where he works to break down barriers to participation in cultural and recreational activities. He is an avid hockey and soccer fan and is working on starting a cricket team in his community.

In 2016, Hugo started his own business providing sales services to a diverse set of clients, so he knows the challenges facing small businesses at a time when the federal government favours big corporations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has seen local companies struggle and people lose their jobs. He is determined to fight for a recovery that helps those people.

Hugo is a people person with a knack for negotiation and collaboration. As your Edmonton–Wetaskiwin MP, he will use his skills and experience to get results for you – fighting for action on issues like building more affordable housing, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, and developing a robust, sustainable economy that creates plenty of well-paid green jobs.


Trecia McLennon

St. Catharines

Trecia (she/her) is an educator, author, and dedicated activist. Committed to building more inclusive communities, she is founder of Culturiosity, a platform that helps companies develop cultural understanding and positive change.

Trecia is fighting for you, and our community. She knows that during the pandemic Justin Trudeau helped Canada’s 1% — while women and young people fell further behind. She understands that our pandemic recovery must tackle the climate crisis, invest in good jobs with livable wages, and ensure everyone has access to the support they need. 

Standing with Jagmeet Singh and Democrats, Trecia will advocate for bold action to solve the challenges of the 21st century. She knows that we need strong emission reduction targets, good sustainable jobs, and childcare to help families. All of her work is rooted in social justice, which is why Trecia will make sure everyone can afford their prescription medication and has a safe place to call home.

A devoted educator, Trecia has taught and prepared young people for their careers in St. Catharines and around the world. Currently serving as Brock University’s Intercultural Communications Coordinator and on Brock’s Board of Trustees, she has held positions at the University of Ulsan in South Korea and was an instructor of Global Management Studies at Ryerson University. Trecia is the author of the anthology Trailblasian, a collection of narratives from 17 Black women living and working in East Asia. She is also a co-author of an Open Educational Resource provided, at no cost, to every student who needs it.

Speaking five languages and having lived across the globe, her experiences connecting with people and hearing their stories has reinforced her commitment to helping everyday people. Since she moved to the Niagara Region, and the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee people, she has served on the Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee for the City of St. Catharines. 

Trecia is a proud AfroJamaiCanadian parent looking to be a good ancestor and leave the world better for future generations.