Saturday 27 April 2024

 You’re invited to sit back and listen to this wonderful conversation with Rwandan guest Cassa and 54Lights host Kondwani Mwase. In this episode, your host is joined by the aforementioned urban music icon, Cassa, who emerged from the music scene via private radio station Contact FM and has gone on to tour alongside the likes of Lupe Fiasco and Delasoul. Of note is that Caasa was also chosen specially to perform a tribute to Music Producer Quincy Jones! During the episode, Cassa generously opens up about his musical journey, the source of his inspiration as well as his writing process. Listen in to hear an infectious and energetic conversation highlighted by his hit song, Dis O Dat, which is featured throughout the course of the episode. WARNING: You’ll undoubtedly become a fan of his music and magnetic presence.

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54 Lights producer, Kondwani Mwase is Ethiopian-born, Canadian-raised and proudly Malawian. He’s a Pan-Africanist, a dreamer and a storyteller whose enthusiasm for his guests is (hopefully) palpable. 

By day Kondwani is the Executive Director of Audience Engagement at Canada’s National Arts Centre and by night (and light) Kondwani is the host and exec producer of 54Lights.  

He is a work in progress. Informed by life in delightful diaspora, driven by desire to reshape the African narrative and determined to listen, love and learn.


54Lights is on a bold mission to broadcast inspiring stories from Africa to the world. Creatively designed, passionately produced and curated for (and from) the community, the show is devoted to showcasing the continent, its people and its allies.

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