Priscilla Domingo

21 June 2022

The graduate is Priscilla Domingo of the Sierra Leone community.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work in 2020 and a Master’s in Social Work in 2022 both from the University of Maine in the United States. She went to the University of Maine on a full soccer scholarship for her undergraduate and her first year of her two-year Masters’s program. She is the daughter of Monty and Patricia Domingo who are now residents in Cornwall. Priscilla had three job offers from The Elizabeth Bruyere, Ottawa Hospital, and a psychotherapy agency for mental health. However, due to the busy nature of social work need at the hospitals, she settled for the Ottawa Hospital and psychotherapy agency. She started with the Ottawa Hospital on May 16th. She has settled in her new apartment and looking forward to her future in the field of Social Work.

by Monty Domingo (father)