TJPoet Sally Alaya
TJPoet Sally Alaya


by TJPoet Sally Alaya

Why do women need to be seen feeble?

To be seen with thwarted dreams of dwarf seagull?

To be seen like flowers

But treated like Skunk Cabbage

Whose breath sours?


They are gems of rare stones

Molded out of roots birthing bones –

To support,

To ice the ocean of life springing forth –

In the midst of chaos

Or aquatic wealth berthing Lagos.



The beauty of lifting winds in the desert;

Yawing for grace – to be seen as charms apart –

Greater than the timbers of densely forest

And the mysteriousity in which he prowess.


Women are the cryptic particles of sanguine beginnings,

Stirring stars within the unsteady clouds poking through our endings.


Women are life not death,

They are the nursery themes

Embalming health.

They are sure hopes

Not dreams in flames at verge to elope.

They are givers not takers –

Creators not spectators.


They are to be worshipped like moon gods,

To be taken to feel the breeze of the ocean

In carriages –

Stylished and carried by men with strong bones and thick muscles.


Women are not men equal;

They are greater!


About the writer

Human beings are too far away from the reality of life; the happiness it brings and the healing we deserve. My goal is to make people of my generation and the ones after me see the brighter side of our lifetime here. Thus, this encourages me to write in line with what I feel; Love, Happiness, life and its Misery. My name is Tajudeen Sally Alaya, a Nigerian poet born into the percussion of Art and drum of Creativity. I enjoy working as an Officer with Nigeria Customs Service. In my spare time, I photograph, write, read and study the psychology of human kind. I am a man and I believe in the power of women.