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Zambia celebrates Independence, October 24, 2023

By Joy Osiagwu, Editorial Associate

Wednesday September 20, 2023

Zambia is a landlocked nation that has experienced tremendous economic growth on the African continent for a decade and is now known as Africa’s second-largest copper producer after the DR Congo. Unfortunately, the invasion of Chinese investment in the country has not improved the living standard of the people and nation with one of the world’s fastest-growing populations.

Copper production in Zambia Photo: Google images

The current population of 19.6 million will triple by 2050 according to the recent United Nations report. However, unlike some of its immediate neighbors, Zambia has avoided war and political crises that bedeviled much of Africa’s post-colonial history.

The nation gained Independence on October 24, 1964, from Its British Colonial masters. Kenneth Kaunda became the first President of the Socialist United National Independence Party (UNIP), a position the party held from 1964-1991.

Kenneth Kaunda, first President of Zambia Photo: Salim Henry- Reuters

Lusaka is the capital city, while the Bantu-speaking groups from the Luba and Lunda Kingdoms in the Congo River Basin and the Great Lakes region in East Africa are the primary settlers in today’s Zambia. The languages spoken are English, Nyanja, and Bemba.

Current Governance Structure

Zambia has a constitutional republic led by a democratically elected president. The National Assembly is unicameral, with Senate and House of Representatives members. Hakainde Hichilema is the President of Zambia who assumed duty as the 7th President in August 2021.

Hakainde Hichilema, President of Zambia Photo: Wikipedia

Trending News

17, 000 Mukushi Girls Receive HPV Vaccines

A campaign advocacy meeting for vaccination against the Human papillomavirus (HPV) held at the Mkushi District Health office in Zambia revealed plans to vaccinate over seventeen thousand girls in the district.

Lusaka Times reports that the vaccination process, which started on September 25, is to help prevent HPV infection and other related diseases, such as cervical cancer, as explained by the District Administrative Officer, Lucy Chilanga, who advised stakeholders to engage in more advocacy to address misconceptions about the vaccines.

“Let’s ensure correct information is given as we create awareness on the program for the good of our girl child,” she said.

Zambia Ottawa-Connection

Canada has a diplomatic mission in Zambia, which has operated since 1972. The office is in Lusaka, while the Canadian High Commission in Tanzania is accredited to Zambia. On the other hand, Zambia has a High Commission in Ottawa, located at 130 Albert St., Suite 900, Ottawa, ON K1P 5G4—phone: 613 232 4400.