Chinyelu Karibi-Whyte

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Reflecting on the ups and downs of last year, I’ve reached a significant turning point.

🔄 I will not get caught up in the stream of trying to meet every expectation, trend, and societal standard.

To stop overextending my care and concern for things that don’t resonate with my core values and goals, and to start focusing on what I enjoy and what gives me peace. 🌱

My peace is paramount, of utmost importance in this world full of chaos. 🌍
This is not being indifferent; it’s being selective with what I choose to value.

It’s knowing what’s worth my time and energy and gracefully letting go of what’s not. 🍃

Being unusual and embarking on the unusual activates my joy and peace. Pursuing things that are not the norm fuels my excitement. 💡
I believe it’s okay not to always fit in, and to embrace the imperfect journey. 🚀

I’ve come to understand that life isn’t about pleasing everyone or chasing every trend.
From my perspective, life is about finding your path, staying true to yourself, and realising that sometimes, the best response is a thoughtful, measured indifference. 🧭

Consciously choosing my battles, setting boundaries, and prioritizing my mental health and personal growth, this path means staying true to my personality, values, and spirit.
It involves maintaining honesty with myself and others, and owning up to my mistakes. 🌈

As I continue on this journey, I am reminded that the greatest strength lies in being unapologetically ourselves.

More growth, resilience, and peace, both within and around us! ✨

Blogger and cyber-security specialist Chinyelu Philomena Karibi-Whyte writes from Leeds, England.