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As we watch the dying days of summer and the early signs of fall, we are reminded of the challenges facing not only Canadians, but people all over the world, as the effects of global warming and climate change, create havoc with wild fires and floods dominating the news headlines. But life goes on and here at Black Ottawa Scene, we continue to bring you the news and views as they affect our collective community.

Flo’s Seniors Program and Network is a charitable organization, led by Joanne Robinson, with a mission to promote and support the health and well-being of Black seniors in the nation’s capital. Last week, they celebrated their 5th anniversary with a gala, where they showcased their accomplishments, while paying homage to those seniors from our community who have gone to join their ancestors, our Top Story for September, 2023.

We also bring you reports of the passing of Ottawa’s renowned centenarian, Elder Leticia Laniyonu, and and World War II veteran Clarence “Gus” Este. Our condolences to their respective families.

We continue our stories of the earliest Black migrants to Ottawa, this time in the person of Elder Michael Adibe, who arrived in Canada in the late 1960’s. We also bring you reports of six Black winners of the 2023 Canadian Immigrant awards.

Columnist Ketcia Peters continues her crusade for a better Canada with her piece on the impact of climate change across the globe, while lawyer and social activist Mante Molepo weighs in on the barriers faced by career women.

All these and more in the September 2023 edition of your favorite news magazine.

Here is the result of the August 2023 poll: Have you seen, or are you planning to see the movie, Barbie: Yes 25 % No 75% . Thank you to all who voted. Remember to vote in the September 2023 poll: Are you affected by the housing crisis in many Canadian cities?

Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful and productive fall.

Godwin Ifedi Editor

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