Wubedel Mengesha

Wubedel Mengesha

On May 29, in a town 90km south of Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Wubedel Mengesha was born to Teferi Mengesha and Mulu Woldekidan. As the last born of 7 children, she was named ‘wub-edel’. A pretty uncommon name. And in fact, it was two words put together. ‘Wub’ means beauty while ‘edel’ or ‘idil’ means luck. Beautiful luck. And she sure was beautiful luck. Not only did her name leave a lasting impression on people back then and now, but so does her character, love, and beauty.

My mom is a mother to one daughter and three sons. The wife of an amazing husband. And a role model for those near and far in her family.

She’s lived an exceptional life. And to us, she’s a symbol of success. She’s succeeded in raising a

wonderful family, having a fulfilling career, and living a life of example. She’s succeeded in the face of many adversities and she’s kept a smile on her face through it all.

She’s an amazing cook, making the best shiro paired with our dad’s tibs. She sings and writes. A woman of many talents, you could say. And what many don’t know as well, is how funny she is. Always cracking us up in the most unexpected times.

But one of the greatest things she did was teach my siblings and I the foundations of the Christian faith. As a woman of prayer, we learned to go to God when it gets hard and when everything is going great. She encouraged us to pursue Him with all we have. And with my father, they both gave us an inheritance that will never fade, spoil, or perish by showing us the love of God. 

Mom, we want to say thank you. Not only do we celebrate your motherhood, but we also celebrate you as an individual. Thank you for constantly pouring out yourself to make sure that we reach our dreams. Thank you for caring for us and loving us in our uniqueness. Thank you for showing us all of your heart, allowing us to see you through all the times of life and showing us what strength and resilience look like.

Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Birthday!

From Aman, Ruth, Kaleb, Eyasu & Nehemiah (children)


Hirut Abriha

Happy Mothers Day

      To my mom, who loves me with a love that is unparalleled. You are someone who knows the true value of life, which is clear in the way you give your all to everyone in need. Your impact reaches beyond family, beyond community, beyond country. 

       You are so blessed and talented, but I don’t think you realize it. In worship and in prayer first but also in relationships, in counseling, in your purity, in your rigorous work ethic and commitment for the things you love.

      Truly I have been spoiled by your cooking and your prayer. Being fed physically and spiritually. You have allowed me to have higher standards in life and never given up on me even when I give up on myself. 

I have learned so much from you. Mainly how to live a life of sacrifice. I look forward to honor you the same way you’ve honored me. Love you dearly. 

From Rebeca Amsalu


Esther Mully

Esther Mully, 34 years ago, following her husband Charles M. Mully, over time, became a mother to thousands of children rescued from the slums of Kenya.   A mother with eight biological children of her own, she came to care for, clothe, guide, feed, educate, house, and love children of all ages, in sickness and in health, at Mully Children’s Family (MCF), Kenya.  A work, she described, as very difficult, but one that does not leave her tired because, as she says, she loves her role and she loves the children.

A devout Christian, she is a warm deeply hospitable presence that brings me to call her my mother, a title I would never have imaged I would be using again.  It is a title that I say not only as a term of honour, but also with authentic affection for this remarkable woman.  I have had the joy of meeting, talking, worshipping, and eating many meals with her and her husband at their home in MCF Ndalani, Kenya, the largest family in the world.  Nakupenda Mother Mully!  Mother Mully is currently the mother to 1,200 children under the age of 20 at MCF Ndalani.  Anyone can meet her by watching the Mully Movie, available free on YouTube.

              On the day to pay tribute to mothers, on behalf of the 26,000 children of MCF over 34 years, let us all wish this amazing woman a most happy Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to my mother Esther Mully.

Rev George Zimmerman & Mully Children’s Family