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The Set-up 2

by Vive Akugha

The Set-up 2 is a 2022 movie following the 2019 movie, The Set-up. After watching The set-up, one of the things I remember most is the music. I enjoyed the choices especially the opening instrumental and the beautiful song, Rise by Dinachi at the end of the movie. I liked the story, the use of perspectives and the stellar performances of the actors. We are introduced to and follow the lives of Chike (Adesua Etomi-Wellington) and Grace (Kehinde Bankole). They are childhood friends with a sisterly bond. Chike is a fierce daughter of an Assassin and prostitute. Grace is saved by Chike from her father who wanted to sell her to a pimp.

They find ways to fend for themselves through drug transportation but their arrest warning allows them to escape and seek solace with their saviour, Madame (Tina Mba) who hires them to work at The Academy for her. They work with Madame and Enem (Jim Iyke) to gain vengeance against a wealthy family that wronged her with many secrets and crossings being sprung up. We find that there are multiple set-ups within the central set-up. The use of different perspectives helps fill in the missing parts, explaining different motivations as the events unfold. Chike has always been more hardened than Grace because she needs to be. Grace has always been morally driven while Chike is more survival driven. Grace brings out the emotion in Chike by questioning some things they do but Chike reminds her of their need to work to avoid imprisonment literally and figuratively.

Chike and Madame end up imprisoned but Chike strikes a deal with the United States Drug Agency to work for them for five years of her sentence. Grace is absolved of her crimes and ends up forming a relationship with Dimeji (Uzor Arukwe) despite everything. The movie includes topics such as friendship, female expectations, the need for financial stability, different ideas of ‘doing the right thing’, revenge, different ideas on the concept of family, sacrifice and more.

The Set-up 2 movie follows the lives of Chike and Grace still. Chike has started her sentence working with the U.S. government with two years left. Grace is happily married to Dimeji with a child. Chike avoids her and her child until she has to work to help them. Despite their escape and the imprisonment of Madame, their history affects their present. We get the return of Dimeji, Madame, Chike, Grace and Enem from the first movie. Chike’s desire for survival is tested as the intentions for her actions are questioned. Like in the first movie, there are several set-ups, the same topics and the same songs by Dinachi (Rise and Lights go out). The first movie is more soulful and the second is more upbeat. A third movie was baited but this was a good sequel.

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