Cumberland municipal By-election Monday 5 October 2020

Meet Candidate Yvette Ashiri

An Independent, Progressive Voice for Cumberland Ward

Last month, Yvette Ashiri officially announced her candidacy to replace Stephen Blais as City Councillor for Cumberland Ward 19. As a true progressive, she puts the community’s needs (social, economic, and environmental) at the heart of her campaign.

’’Cumberland ward is the community where my family and I have lived for over a decade. I understand the main issues constituents – both rural and suburban – face.” She says.

A wife and mother of two, Ashiri has dedicated her life to the improvement of the social, economic, and living conditions of others. She is actively involved in safety issues, economic development, youth education and leadership, health equity and expanding access to public and social services.

Yvette chairs École Élémentaire Publique des Sentiers’ School Council. She also sits on Montfort Hospital’s governance committee and Collège la Cité’s board of directors. In 2016, she produced the television show Identité Cultur’Elles. She is also the Executive vice president for Junior Chamber International Canada, Vice President for the Congolese Community of Ottawa-Gatineau, Secretary General for the African Canadian Association of Ottawa (ACAO) and the Canadian of Africans descent health organization (CADHO) Community engagement committee co-Chair.

Yvette has collaborated with numerous local organizations and is active in a number of community initiatives related to the defense of human rights including being one of the lead organizers for the non-violent “No Peace until Justice ” march against racial injustice that saw thousands of people in attendance. For these initiatives, Yvette received the following prizes: Ottawa Distinguished Women, 100 Accomplished Black Canadian, Women leader of Ottawa-Vanier, and the diamond prize of ‘Regroupement Affaires Femmes”.

She is also one of the heroic figures of the Legacy posters, one of the ambassadors to the Welcoming Ottawa Week and The Newcomer of the year prize from the “Bernard Grand Maître”, and a recipient of the 2019 Black History Ottawa Community Builder Award.

’’ My years of community work and my desire for a City where everyone can thrive is what led me to run for City councillor.’’ she says. Yvette’s priorities of social equity, local economic development, and action on climate change, align with her true beliefs and the community’s needs. “It’s really unfortunate that people are complaining about issues already raised years ago. It’s more than time for real leadership and positive change in Cumberland ward.” She says. She continues. “I have been knocking on doors for a month now. I am listening to my neighbors; they’re telling me that they want a Councillor who genuinely cares about them and addresses their concerns. They want someone who is not influenced by corporate developer influence and someone who is able to be an independent voice and push for their interests. I am that person.’’

Yvette wants to fight for issues that matter to her constituents like more reliable transit, a fairer development process, services in both official languages, and a safe return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We need a strong economy; COVID-19 showed us that. We also need a strong and healthy community in a safe environment. Taking care of the most vulnerable like our youth, women, and our seniors will ensure that they contribute positively to the betterment of our community. This means investing more in social services like housing, mental health supports, childcare subsidies, public transit, and PPE like masks for all. For far too long, these essential services have suffered from funding cuts. Now, we must aim for more innovative human-centered ideas. I know that it will take work and effort.” she said. “With your trust, help and support, I hope to be your voice for Cumberland as your City Councillor. Together we can make City Hall a place for people.”

Yvette Ashiri Candidate,  Quartier Cumberland Ward 19 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (613) 600-6702