How to ruin Christmas

by Vive Akugha

A group of people sitting at a table with food and drinks Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube

This is a Netflix original series out with it’s first, second and third season. It follows wine expert and imperfectionist, Tumi Sello (Busi Lurayi) on her visit back home for Christmas. Each season or part as the title explains happen during the Christmas seasons. We see Tumi’s contributions to her family and everyone she encounters as her interactions frame the perceptions people have of her, mostly for a negative one. She has different effects on others and vice versa.  Tumi is unapologetically herself in all situations and owns up to all her actions which is not always favourable to most. The first season is more lighthearted, and the second season is more emotional both however, are comedic and of excellent quality immersing you in the South African culture with varying languages, attires and more as well. Each season has 3-4 episodes of 42 minutes or more. The first season deals with the discomfort and disapproval of Tumi’s character while the second deals with the respect and embrace of it amongst much of the story. It is such a great watch dealing with numerous topics.

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Vive Akugha

Vive Akugha is a student in the Bachelor of Arts degree program at the University of Ottawa, majoring in Communications. She writes on social issues, well-being, and out of curiosity. Her major platform for writing is on as @veevehhswritings. You may sign up for her email list to be up-to-date on her posts. She is @Veevehhwrites on Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to share your opinions with her as she is with you.