Ugandan dancers thrill the audience at the YM-YWCA Black History Month event in 2015
Ugandan dancers thrill the audience at the YM-YWCA Black History Month event in 2015

by Jimmy Sebulime

Objectives of the Association

  1. To foster and promote the multicultural identity of Ugandan-Canadians in Ottawa and Canada by:
  2. a) Creating programs and activities utilizing the inherent advantages and strengths of the Ugandan-Canadian community within the Canadian context;
  3. b) Providing a forum where Ugandans, Ugandan-Canadians and other Canadians may discuss matters of mutual interest to both Uganda and Canada;
  4. c) Creating programs and activities directed at the children and youths of the Ugandan-Canadian community by encouraging their interaction with each other
  5. d) Creating and providing programs and activities that foster and promote multicultural interaction, understanding and tolerance.
  6. To Promote ties and cooperation between the Ugandan Association of Ottawa and associations of similar objectives in Ottawa by:
  7. a) Establishing contacts, sharing information with and providing mutual assistance to such associations; and
  8. b) Initiating and providing joint social, cultural and educational programs.
  9. To establish, and strengthen ties between Ugandan-Canadian communities in Canada and Uganda by:
  10. a) Promoting the exchange of cultural, educational and social activities between the local community and other Ugandan communities in Canada; and
  11. b) Providing members of the Ugandan-Canadian community with information about Uganda for cultural, social or other mandate-oriented purposes.

Other objectives

  1. To encourage mutual understanding and friendship between people of African (particularly of Ugandan) cultural background, and other Canadians by:
  2. Creating and providing social, cultural and educational programs and activities for the purpose of representing the Ugandan-Canadian community to mainstream society;
  3. Launching relevant initiatives in response to local conditions and issues, which would enhance understanding and friendship between the Ugandan-Canadian community and other Canadians;
  4. Participating and assisting in programs and activities hosted by other Canadian associations and groups aimed at promoting cross-cultural understanding, community cooperation and integration in the greater Canadian community; and
  5. Working towards the improvement of the general welfare of the community.
  6. To contribute to the equal passing of Ugandan and Canadian cultural values to our children as part of their heritage.


Membership to the Ugandan Association of Ottawa is open to all Ugandans, Uganda-Canadians, their children and spouses residing in the National Capital Region or temporarily elsewhere, and to all others who agree to abide by the provisions of the constitution.


Over the years, the Uganda Association of Ottawa has hosted and organized many annual events including holiday parties, Independence Day celebrations, partnered with other community associations and organized youth and adult sporting events. U.A.O continues to look for partnerships that encourage development for our members and remains determine to create and develop programs that are needed and demanded by all Ugandans in Ottawa. 

In 2016 the Uganda Association of Ottawa will organize the following events:

  • Friendly Basketball against Oc Transpo Bus Drivers on  March 12, 2016 at YMCA in Orleans (Games starts at 4 p.m.)
  • Annual Summer BBQ
  • Uganda Cranes Soccer Club (summer 2016)
  • Annual Holiday Party (Fall 2016)

U.A.O also hopes to award The Community and Academic Bursary Award to a post secondary student with Ugandan background or whose parents were born in Uganda. The student must be involved in community affairs and studying at a college, university or trade school in Ottawa, Ontario.

Challenges: Low participation and community support.

Current Executive Committee: Faridah Akuju, Maria Nalunga, Mike Mbogo, Lydia Luo, Harriet Namuyaba, Jimmy Sebulime, John Magembe

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Uganda Association of Ottawa

Phone number: 613-290-6118

About the writer

Jimmy Sebulime is the President of the Ugandan Association of Ottawa. He was a winner of the 2014 Black History Ottawa Community Builder award.